Story behind the ProSigns


has over 12 years of experience in the Printing Industry, specializing in printing and large format digital printing.

We are an authorized 3M Manufacturer of digital printing.

Our product lines include, but are not limited to large format digital graphics, decals, signs, labels, nameplates, faceplate, etc. See complete listing in OUR PORTFOLIO page.

Our clients vary from customers requiring one or a few signs to Government Ministries, transportation and manufacturing companies and multi-nationals.

Whatever you require, signs, from your fleet to installation of your signs, we can work with you.

Our attention to the needs of our clients, and to detail and quality have resulted in their satisfaction and continued support.



Why Choose Us !!

    What should be included when choose printing house ?



    • We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
    • Our prices are lower because we don't have to pay a "middle man" commissions or fees.
    • We can work with your budget AND meet your tight deadlines.
    • We are an environmentally-Green Printing House.
    • We provide many products and services including wide Format Printing so we're involved in your project from inception to completion.


Our Vision

“We believe that it’s important for us to listen to our clients, understand their vision, understand our markets and bridge them together. Always creating successful outcomes.


Our vision is to provide the local and international companies with superior services.
We Develop innovations and solutions that satisfy our customers' needs in decorating and printing world.



Our Team



The people behind the

Great ProSigns

Our Team



The people behind the

Great ProSigns

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